" Our security personnel continue to provide the most professional security services "

" Gorakha Security Force is the leading global integrated security company, specializing in the provision of security services "

" Gorakha Security Force play an important role in society - we make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment "

Can we imagine our country without the protection of our soldiers?

Every soldier serves his nation with complete pride likewise Gorakha Security Force– a team of dedicated soldiers who serve the society to safeguard people and property and are generally known as “SECURITY GUARDS”. Gorakha is one of the fastest growing security services headquartered at Bangalore in India.A firm that understands the intricacies of security services management. Our team of leaders has several decades of collective experience working for Commercial Establishments, Offices, Apartments, Educational Institutions, Hospitals,Malls,Government Department both Central and state, multinational companies, public and private sector and many more.

Gorakha Security Force and Contract Security services – led by a team of talented and experience Guards who have extensive and hands on experience in Security services industry. Our team has an outstanding performance track record and in depth experience in Collection of Intelligence Information, Security Consultation, Escort duty, armed & residential guards and we as a team together have played a critical role to satisfy our clients

We aim to provide quick, cost-effective solutions and work round the clock. Our clients sit back with ease when they rely on our Security Guard Hire services as we provide expertise knowledge in Security services at a competitive price. We have always been successful to protect any potential harmful encounters in public eye or a building site and have experienced Security Specialists ready to meet all their needs and demands.

We provide easy, reliable and professional software security systems for official and residential use. Security Specialists helps you to save your time and efforts on protecting office or apartments from unauthorized access and crime. We provide control systems and use the advanced technology todetect the mishaps. We provide access and control to safeguard areas at home, office or any other commercial establishments. While we continue to provide top niche security service to our clients their focus remains on their most important aspects – family and business.

We provide customized services as per the requirements of our clients which will help them the most. We can be your genuine security guard services partner, and experience the quality of our work wherever you need us. Apart from the regular services we also provide innovative means to ensure you leverage our expertise of armed forces.

Gorakha Security Force isn’t just about providing the best in automation to safeguard your workplace or residence but we provide the best security specialists to be able to make the best use of the automation. It’s an investment to ensure the safety of your employees at work or loved ones at home. From the first visit of Consultation to understanding clients needs and requirements and deliverance of work they have always been satisfied. The process begins with analysis of the place to understand in depth about the organization, work ethics and behavior to work as an employee and vendor partner and then steps are taken to deliver the expected performance by our Security Specialists at the client’s location. We believe our specialists will be the best fit for our clients as they undergo a rigorous selection process.

We look forward to be your Security Services Partner – the most trustworthy partner with excellent quality in work whom you can rely on.



Gorakha Security Force