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" Gorakha Security Force play an important role in society - we make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment "

Security Service

Gorkha security services safeguard, patrol and monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules

GSS Patrols places to preserve order among patrons and protect property:

Circulates among patrons to prevent improper dancing, skating, or similar activities, and to detect persons annoying other patrons or damaging furnishings of establishment

Gorkha Security Services can provide best Security guards services in bangalore to protect your home, property or premises when you are at work, away on holiday or business. This may be based on a 24 hour basis or given hours suitable for your needs

At gorkha security guards belive in providing authentic security challenges requires genuine Security Solutions by skillful professionals

When YOU are ready to explore the difference between an “Average Security Company” and genuine committed security services from gorkha you can rely on us "

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We provide security guard services to :
♦   Shopping Malls and Showrooms
♦   Hotels and Restaurants
♦   Schools, college and Universities
♦   Residential Buildings & Apartments
♦   Office Complexes
♦   Hospitals
♦   Supermarkets
♦   Industrial Premises
♦   Convention Centers
♦   Facilities Management
♦   Exhibitions /Special Events

With more than 200 members of security personsonel. We are providing security guard services in Bangalore , Electronic city, Bommanhalli, Bommasandra, Jayanagar , Chickpet, Whitefield MGg road , Chandapura Etc